About Us

MegaClick41 creates and manages online marketing programs for some of the best brands in the world. We engage valuable audiences with strategic thinking and beautiful, functional creative that’s right on brand—then drive meaningful business results that demand attention from the corner office.

We provide a full range of online marketing services with equal skill (and pizazz, if we do say so). Whether it’s starting a full-scale Email or Social Media program from scratch, giving your existing efforts a strategic overhaul or just executing with ninja-like precision, MegaClick41 has you covered. Read more about our services.

We’re a curious, passionate and innovative bunch. We’re not afraid of a little old-fashioned, no-holds-barred fun—but we take being an award-winning team of email experts very seriously, too.


What Makes MegaClick41 Uniquely Specialized & Qualified is the Way We Approach Your Business Goals

MegaClick41 enables relationships between brands and customers by synchronizing eCRM strategy with critical customer points of impact.

Your customers want a relationship, but you have to make the first move. This means developing future-forward strategies that not only leverage more customer experience insights, but also ensure customer data ecosystems can accommodate the demands of a flexible marketing technology stack. Relationship Enablement is the MegaClick41 process of continually improving insights, data and engagement strategies while maintaining the flexibility to pivot when unexpected opportunities arise. Our approach leverages email as the digital hub and goes cross channel to take advantage of the additional channels your customers want: mobile push, SMS and dynamic web as channels for hyper-relevant message delivery.

Key Elements of Relationship Enablement:

  • Leverage the right channel at the right time for the right message
  • Understand granular elements of the customer experience lifecycle
  • Identify opportunities to earn the right to revenue
  • Align technology and strategy with available data
  • Iterate and optimize – strive for harmony between the customer journey and engagement strategy